Thursday, December 8, 2011

Boxtops for Education!

Keep up the good work! 

Our families have helped St. Anne’s earn over $300 so far this year in Boxtops.  Each little rectangle you rescue from products you use everyday is worth 10 cents for our school and that adds up fast!  Participating brands are Avery office supply products, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Hamburger Helper, Juicy Juice, Ziploc, Cheerios, Kleenex and Hefty.  Don’t throw away anything without checking for the Boxtop first!

St. Anne’s will be collecting Boxtops through the Spring.  Click here for a winter themed collection sheet!

SAPA News Updates

SAPA’s Latest Happenings:

· Nino’s Dining Out Fund Raiser:   December  14th, All day (9:30 AM—10 PM) dine-in, carry-out, or delivery, 10% proceeds are given back to the school’s Annual Fund.  Come out for some good food and a good cause!  Flyers are required and will be distributed prior to the event.

· SAPA Meeting/Lunch Program Forum:  Thank you to all who attended the Lunch Program Forum – we appreciate your feedback!  If you were unable to attend (or did attend, but thought of additional questions/concerns/suggestions), please email Nisha Lodhavia your thoughts at .

· Hot Lunch Online:  Just a reminder that hot lunch orders are due by December 20th.  January’s kid friendly menu is up online, so please take some time and get your order in by the deadline.  Thank you for your cooperation!

· Uno’s  Dine-Out Fundraiser:   January 20th, 11 AM—closing for dine-in or carry-out.  Come out and support SAES!  Flyers are required for this event, which will be available after the holiday break.

· Bowling Fundraiser at Mid County Lanes, Tuesday, 12/27 from 12—4:30 PM; see attached flier for tickets

~ SAPA would like to take this special time of year to thank all of our volunteers and to wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday season!!  ~

Would you like to volunteer?  Our Volunteer Coordinator, Nisha Lodhavia, would love to hear from you! Feel free to email her at .

Questions about SAPA or SAPA related events?  Please contact Jill Hollander at .

First Grade Learns About Christmas in Other Lands

The first grade has been busy jet setting around the world and learning about different holiday traditions.  We packed our suitcases and prepared our passports.  Our first stop on our trip was into England.  Our gracious tour guide Mrs. Zanzinger was happy to show us the sights.  Happy Christmas!  While in England we learned about Father Christmas, the English traditions of hanging greens, tasting wassail and shortbread cookies.  We also made cornucopias and hung them from our first grade tree and guess who came and filled them?  That's right... Father Christmas himself! 

Our next stop was across the Mediterranean and into Italy with Mrs. Liguori leading the way.  Bouno Natale!  In Italy we listened to the Italian version of Jingle Bells, learned about Babbo Natale and La Befana (Italian versions of Santa Claus), we saw a presepio (nativity scene), we tasted cannolis, and discussed Epiphany.  

From Italy we flew into Israel.  Happy Hanukkah everybody!  In Israel we learned about lighting the menorah.  We also learned how to play the dreidel game and we made delicious edible dreidels! 

Next we boarded the plane to Germany with our tour guide Mrs. Scott. Frohliche Weinachten!  Here we learned about St. Nikolaus (Santa Claus), lebkuchen (gingerbread) and gingerbread houses, and we decorated our own tannenbaum (Christmas tree).  We left our shoes out for St. Nikolaus and much to our delight he had left us a gift in them.  We tasted soft pretzels and practiced the art of scherenschnitte by cutting out snowflakes. 

After leaving Germany we packed our suitcases and headed for France.  Here we met up with our tour guides, Mrs. Fritz and Caroline – Joyeux Noel!  We colored a french flag and learned how to say red, blue and white in french.  We tasted a yummy treat called buche de noel and played the french version of Simon says.  We ended our trip by decorating sabots (shoes) and waiting with hopes that Pere Noel (Santa Claus) would leave us a treat.  To our delight we were not disappointed! 

Our trip did not end there, we still had many places yet to see!  Once again we boarded the plane and off we flew into Sweden.  Here it was Mrs. Smiertka who was the hostess with the mostest.  God Jul!  We learned about Saint Lucia and made crowns and star hats. We tasted warm cinnamon buns and Swedish pancakes.  We created a funny Jultomten (elf) card with a secret riddle.  Much to our surprise we ran into Mrs. Bloomfield!  Mrs. Bloomfield shared fond memories about her Swedish grandmother with us. 

First grade in "Sweden" wearing their St. Lucia crowns and star hats.

We were so busy in Sweden that we almost missed our next flight.  Luckily we chased the plane down the runway just in time to board the plane to Africa.  Happy Kwanzaa to all!  In Africa we learned about the seven principles and the seven symbols of Kwanzaa.  We also made kinaras and colored an African flag.

Our next stop will include Mexico...Feliz Navidad, and then we are heading back to the states.  If you would like to learn more about our travels please ask us to share our travelers journal.  We kept a log and wrote about our favorite part of each country.  So from all of us to all of you, Happy Holidays!

Be a Blue Hen Bookworm!

University of Delaware’s Blue Hen Basketball is teaming up with local schools with the Be A Blue Hen Bookworm Program to encourage the importance of reading for pleasure. 

Over the holiday break, lower school students are asked to read three books that are appropriate for their respective grade level.  Parents of Pre K and kindergarten students may read the books to their children.  Middle school students are asked to read a novel appropriate for their respective grade level.  Each student that submits a completed and signed program form will receive two complimentary tickets to the UD men’s basketball game vs. Georgia State on Saturday, January 21, 2012.  Look for program forms to come home before the holiday break!

Middle School Trip to the Movies

The Middle Schoolers will be given a special opportunity to see the movie, Hugo in the movie theater next week.  Parents please be sure to have your child’s permission slip and other necessary forms to the homeroom teachers by Friday, December 9.

Each year all of St. Anne’s 5th graders read the book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret (the book on which the movie is based).  On a recent assessment, fifth graders were asked to compare Prometheus to Hugo and the following is an except from Caroline Donovan's essay:

"Prometheus was rescued not just by Heracles; he was rescued by  his compassion.  No one else wanted to save Prometheus but Heracles did.  With Hugo, no one wanted to save him either but Georges Melies and his family did.  But if you think about it, Hugo was not just rescued by Georges Melies and his family.  Hugo was rescued by Love, the invention of Hugo Cabret."

Love, indeed, is a saving grace and a blessing in our lives.

Interscholastic Sports, by Brian Scott, Athletic Director

The 2011-2012 boys’ and girls’ basketball season is on!  This past weekend the Varsity girls hosted a “Play In” day with Caravel and Newark Charter and according to coaches, they played tough, solid defense.  The boys went to St. Thomas More for their “Play In” day and did well against Holy Cross, Most Blessed Sacrament, and JIMU (Jesus is in Me and You).  The boys officially opened the season against Westtown on Tuesday.  The boys’ and girls’ Varsity teams also play on Thursday away versus local rival MOT Charter.  Girls play at 4 and the boys follow. 

Next week the Varsity and JV boys and girls practice at St. Andrews on Monday and Tuesday. 

Go Herons!

Nurse News—Some Handwashing News!

December 4-10th was National Handwashing Week. Nurse Trivia was based on this topic.
Did you know you should be washing your hands for 15-20 seconds and shut the faucet off with a paper towel to prevent recontamination??

Nurse trivia winners include: Emily Maher, Sean Ellis, Julia Pulgini, Isabelle Schmittinger, Joi Mann, Matthew Patton, Ava Ferrara, Lindy McNelis, Tayler Vitola, Jordan Bell, Maddie Land and Cara McTaggart.  Congratulations!

Please remember to “CC” us with any emails that are sent to the teacher regarding the health of your child. Our email address is We appreciate it!

Second Grade Shark Fashion Show

Rachel, Adam, and Sophie strike a pose as the hammerhead sharks in the Second Grade Shark Fashion Show.

Looking for a Great Christmas Gift?

St. Anne's has just the thing!

We are selling St. Anne's items:

Umbrellas ($15)
PJ Pants ($15 or two for $25) adult sizes available!
Drawstring backpacks ($10)
Duffle Bags ($20)
Christmas Ornaments (2 for $5)
Afghan Blankets- limited number available! ($20)

Please email Carey Koppenhaver ( or stop by the front office if you are interested! Thank you. All sales support the Annual Fund. 

Grades 2—8 Christmas Concert Information

Students in grades 2—8 will present their concert twice on December 14th  - once at 9:00 AM and again at 6:45 PM.  The morning performance is particularly good for younger siblings and those who don’t like to drive at night or would prefer less of a crowd.  All are welcome at either performance.  This is our school’s opportunity to celebrate the nativity through word, song, and tableau.  All students in grades 2—8 are required to participate.  Absences must be approved in advance by Mrs. Pat Davis or Mrs. Lora Byrd.  Students should report to their homerooms by 6:20 PM for the evening  performance.  Please note the following concert attire requirements:
White collared shirt, tucked in Navy blue or black slacks
Dark dress shoes (no sneakers)
Dark socks
No coats or ties, please
White collared shirt or a dressy white blouse (collar optional). If shirt has a scalloped shirt tail, it must be tucked in.  A shirt with a straight bottom or with slits on the side may be worn out, as long as it is not too long or short.  Your child’s homeroom teacher will have the final word on which shirttails must be tucked in if there is a question.
Navy blue or black skirt, skort, slacks, or gauchos (no capris) (Skirts should be a modest length—2” above the knee or longer, as described in our school dress code.)
Dark dress shoes (no boots or sneakers; open toed shoes and/or low heels are acceptable.) If jewelry is worn, it should be small and conservative—nothing large or flashy.
Please contact Mrs. Cataldi with any questions about concert attire.  You may leave her a message at 378-3179, ext. 323 or send an email to

A Letter from Student Council, Jamie Trabaudo, President

It is hard to believe that the first trimester of school has come to an end! The beginning of Christmas break is also coming up. During the week of Thanksgiving, Student Council led Courage and Compassion Week for their homerooms. This event only took place for three days because of the break. A longer version of the event will take place soon after Christmas break ends. The homeroom representatives led devotions in the morning with an activity that pertained to the theme of courage and compassion. Since the Christmas season is coming up, and it is all about giving, the school is putting up a giving tree (or Jesse Tree)! On the tree are ornaments with an item listed. The items listed include things that a family in need would like to receive for Christmas. The Student Council has decided that each homeroom will collaborate and bring in money to purchase an item on the tree for a family in need. Advisories may also work together to come up with a gift. On another note, a fun and exciting event that is coming up for the student council is the reindeer games! Grades 1-8 participate in these games, which will take place the day Christmas break starts (December 16th). During the games, all grades will participate in various activities that have to do with winter and the Christmas season. It should be a lot of fun! On behalf of the student council, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

News from the Facilities Department

The school has designated the two parking spaces in the parking lot that are closest to the school building as Visitor Parking.  These parking spots should be used when you are anticipating a short visit to the school (early dismissals, picking up a sick child, etc.); they will also be used by admissions visitors to the school.  Please remember that the drive in front of the school building is a fire lane and that the only time you should park your vehicle in this lane is during arrival and dismissal. 

Math League Update!

St. Anne's had their second meet this past Monday, December 5th. The mathletes represented our school well once again. The 7th grade team, consisting of Marc Gorum, Charlie Liston, Kyle Bell, David Kim, Caitlin Cobb and Jonathan Moore, won the meet with 20 questions correct. An amazing performance by all 5 members!

Our 8th grade teams came in 3rd and 6th respectively. All members, which include Ethan Bloomfield, Vinay Kasat, Nicky Monroe, Neel Puri, Nathaniel Twining, Duncan Covell, Smriti Kumar, Christine Kenney, and Sarah and Tricia Hayes, contributed equally .  

Our next meet will be once we return from the holiday break on January 5th! Wish them luck!

From the Chaplain, The Rev. Gary Taylor

In the desert, prepare ye a highway for our Lord!

Advent is the season of preparing, of making room in the inn of our souls for the coming of Christ on Christmas.  How easy it is to get ahead of ourselves and rush into Christmas, or at least into the frenzy of shopping and decorating and cookie baking and parties and RUSH!  While it is fun to deck the hall with boughs of holly and to share festive cheer with those we love, it can kind of defeat the purpose if all that we feel is the stress and do not take time for the joy.  How peaceful it can be to wait for something we know will come exactly when it is supposed to.  If we can recover a little of the delicious anticipation many of us felt as children awaiting holidays like Christmas or Hanukkah or Diwali, I am convinced we could better savor the season of Advent.

Take the crèche scene outside of school as well as the one on the table in the central foyer.  Now, in the early stages of Advent, each looks a little bare and incomplete.  The Christ child is absent; there are no kings, no shepherds.  Just Mary and Joseph alone in a quiet stable waiting for the greatest miracle in the history of humanity.  From their perspective, it hasn't happened yet.... but they have faith that it will!

I know I am eager to see my first St. Anne's Christmas concerts which kick off in chapel this week as the youngest ones perform for the older students.  I am told that both the concert for Pre-K to 1st grade and the concert for grades 2 to 8 are less theatrical and more musical than in years past, a little more about simplicity and beauty and the joy of the children.  In rehearsal the singing has been angelic.  The true spirit of the season becomes almost tangible among us as the children lift their voices and instruments in song.  I know we will all be stirred.

Speaking of being moved, I am again overwhelmed at the generosity shown by those who have picked the Jesse Tree clean of gift requests. I have heard that some did not have a chance to get a tag so I made a few dozen more that are more general to spread the good cheer among those families we have pledged to help.  If you would like to take a tag from this second round, please do so and know that any gift no matter how modest is greatly appreciated.  It is the humble gesture of caring that can convey the most genuine sentiment. Gifts should be wrapped with the tag on the outside and delivered by the tree by December 15.

What a great community of love we have here at St. Anne's!  I deeply believe that as a school family we are preparing the way of the Lord with our acts of kindness toward one another and to those less fortunate than we beyond the community.  Thomas Carlyle, 19th century Scottish historian, critic, and sociological writer put it this way:

"To make some nook of God’s creation a little fruitfuller, better, more worthy of God; to make some human hearts a little wiser, manfuller, happier, more blessed, less accursed... is great and there is no other greatness."

Let us prepare God's way this Advent with the little acts of kindness that make our world more worthy of the One who makes us whole.