Thursday, February 16, 2012

AG Beau Biden Addresses Students on Internet Safety

Mrs. Pat Davis poses with
Joseph "Beau" Biden, III.
Delaware's Attorney
General, Joseph "Beau" Biden,
III address St. Anne's students,
as well as parents, on the
importance  of internet
Attorney General Joseph "Beau" Biden, III spoke to the students in fourth through eighth at St. Anne's Episcopal School about Internet safety on Friday, February 10th as part of the school's commitment to community safety. Attorney General Biden directed the students to stay safe online by not friending people in social media sites that they do not know; by trying, when appropriate to interfere with bullying by befriending a victim or reporting bullying to adults; and to never take inappropriate photographs or send inappropriate photographs or text messages on cell phones.

The students asked many questions of Attorney General Biden and he addressed their concerns as well as those raised by the parents in the audience. He reminded everyone that what is said online is permanent and what you say now can and will affect a job application or a school application in the future. He recommended a balance of common sense and vigilance for parents when overseeing their child's online life.

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