Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nurse News

Nurse trivia response to the nutrition related questions has been quite enthusiastic! Students enjoy chatting about the healthy foods and eating habits they choose as we continue through March.

National Nutrition Month. Our winners include:
  •   Grade 1: Grace Hudson, Brooke Lynn Scioli, Farah El-Jazzar, Peter Fonder, Aina Puri
  •   Grade 2: Lena Wood, Sophie Hoopes, Aiden Grygo, Madely Galbus, Michael  Hassiepen,Olivia Amygalos
  •   Grade 3: Mia Stryker, Sailor Wiggins, Abby Scheing
  •   Grade 4: Logan Cameron, Angelo Sisofo, Caroline Fritz, Ayanah Jones, Ethan Paradee, Alex Malmberg
  •    Grade 5: Jamie Harrington, Nick Sinabaldi, Marina Spangler, Brendan Massey, Celia Cumiskey
We hope your children share some of their excitement at home about making healthy food choices such as eating breakfast before school, packing a nutritious snack, and eating the nutritious food you take the time to pack (or provide for them to pack) for their lunch! 

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