Thursday, September 12, 2013

Views of the Week

Start-of-year activities continued this past week, together with getting down to the business of learning.  Last Friday, all of the Middle School grades met to learn about their field trips this week – overnights to Ashland Nature Center, Echo Hill, and Cape Henlopen for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade; a day trip to the DE Children's Museum and the DuPont Environmental Center for our fifth graders.  Pictured here are the 8th graders, learning that they must shop for, prepare, and clean up all meals on their trip. 

Our Homeroom Representatives for 2013-14 met with SAPA President Dianne Heath and school administrators for orientation.  Thanks so much to all who have volunteered for this important job!  Your homeroom reps will be in touch with you shortly via email.  You will be hearing about many opportunities to support your student’s teachers and our school  from your Homeroom rep.; please plan to help out a couple of times per year.

In spite of the hot weather, our students enjoyed their outside recesses.  Tetherball is a perennial favorite:

Other students hunted for interesting critters in the shade and brought them to lower school Science Teacher Ms. Perkins to learn more about them.    

Mrs. Sherman’s second graders experimented with the properties of pastels:

In Ms. Riffert’s class, our fourth graders practiced what they were learning about the foundation of good singing:

And in gym class, our fifth graders played "Mission Impossible."

During faculty meetings after school on Wednesday, our Lower School teachers shared their experiences working with the new i-Pads over the summer. 

And for our Middle Schoolers, Thursday meant Field Trip Day!  At chapel today we discussed the importance of openness, and being open to God's grace.  Chaplain Taylor reminded us that the field trips are an opportunity to not only learn from the places they are going, but also an opportunity to open their hearts and minds to friendships with every member of our grade.

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